New Alexandria

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World War III in New Alexandria

Disaster strikes New Alexandria this evening Down Town, as the Central Business District, Art District and French Quarter devolve into war. The aggressors: Mutant Afterlife Relocation
Society, or M.A.R.S for short. The victims: Mutant Appreciation Society, or M.A.S. As over two hundred armed soldiers invaded with armed vehicles, there was little the mutants could do apart from commit to a fighting retreat.


It is a well known fact in New Alexandria that the members of our society who possess mutant genes all flock to the Central Business District, Down Town. The physical presence of M.A.S in the area ensures that they’re treated fairly, and keep their human rights for work. The once profitable tourist area has been left damaged and war torn after the invasion that took place this evening. The death toll is estimated to be surprisingly low for the scale of this attack, at around four hundred; but thousands were still wounded.

These numbers would be higher if it weren’t for the intervention of the so called “Guardians of New Alexandria”, who moved forward to intercept the attackers and prevent them from overwhelming the MAS headquarters. According to eye witnesses, the controversial hero Royal Rush (wanted as a suspect in multiple ongoing murder investigations) once again joined with the Guardians in an attempt to stop the carnage. Mayor Ulate still condemns the hero, stating, “The individual people are calling Royal Rush represents a very real danger to the peoples of this city, and any information of his whereabouts should be forwarded to the proper authorities.”

Residents are calling for government aid and charitable donations to help with the rebuilding and medical fees. Despite this act of terror, and the fear of retribution from the renegade militia faction, so far at least two anonymous donors have stepped up to the plate and offered large donations that will greatly effect the reparations. Bastion Industries have also offered the services of their ECU’s (Exo Construction Units) as well.


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